What’s New for Summer at the Disney Store?

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I’m not sure I can remember a year where I’ve been more excited about summer! Probably when I was a kid, but since my post-school days, this is the year that I have counted down the days to sunscreen and sandals more than ever before. I just love summer–the laid-back pace, the hours spent by the pool, the bright colors, and the upbeat tunes–all of it just makes the season one to soak in!

Maybe Disney has been looking forward to summer more than usual too because they have nailed their summer lines this year. In general, I think the Disney Store has up their game over the past year, especially when it comes to merchandise for us grown-up fans. When we went a few days ago, I was so excited by all the new stuff they had. I just had to share it with you.

1. Oh My Disney Ariel Pool Party Collection

Prince Eric Water Bottle

Ok, be honest! How many of you used to pretend to be Ariel in the pool when you were a kid? Guilty! I feel like this Ariel Pool Collection was just made to fulfill the childhood dreams of every 90’s kid out there. Here are a few highlights for me. First, this Freeze n’ Go Water Bottle looks like it was made just for me (do you see how well it matches my blog colors) and I find it hilarious that it says “Prince Eric Appreciation Club” cus he is pretty awesome!

Little Mermaid Photo Booth

These Little Mermaid photo booth accessories are almost enough to make me have a pool party, but since I don’t actually have a pool, I’m going to have to find another excuse to use them! I’m thinking a Little Mermaid movie night complete with seafood (is that wrong?) and a sing-along! I’ll let you know if I make that happen!

Sebastian Float

Ok as I said above, we don’t have a pool and I think the local waterpark we frequent will frown on me bringing a 6 foot Sabastian float with me, but that doesn’t me I can’t enjoy it. I’m thinking it will make an excellent outdoor lounge chair for the kids and I this summer. On nice days, we take books and snacks outside to enjoy, and this looks much comfier than my current blanket on the ground!

Ariel Waterproof Phone Case
I am super excited about their new phone accessories! First, a waterproof case for my phone. We go to the waterpark like three times a week so I am constantly worried about my phone and water. I’ve always had a waterproof case, but now I can have a Disney themed one! And did I mention I have an Arie- inspired swimsuit so this is pretty much a match made in heaven!
Little Mermaid Bluetooth Speaker
What’s better than a Bluetooth Little Mermaid speaker? A Bluetooth Little Mermaid speaker that lights up! This just looks like so much fun! I’m a little concerned that nothing on it says it’s water-resistant, and water and summer go hand in hand for me, but it would come in handy on my Little Mermaid movie night to blast “Under the Sea” while we party!
Ariel Tote
And what am I going to put all my Little Mermaid swag in? Well, of course, an Ariel tote! What else? What really got my attention about this tote was the interior mesh lining is removable for easy drying. So there you have it! If you’re planning on spending some time by the pool this summer, go ahead and stock up on all your Mermaid must-haves!

2. Mickey Mouse Summer Fun Collection

Mickey Pitcher Set

Doesn’t this watermelon Mickey collection just scream picnic? My eye was immediately drawn to this Mickey pitcher. It’s a little hard to tell in the picture, but it has four nesting cups that fit inside of it. My kitchen is umm, well small is putting it nicely,  so I’m always looking for space saving options. I think it will make it great for eating on the back deck this summer.

Mickey Fruit Mixing Bowl Set

They also have a set of bowls to match the pitcher. What I love most about these bowls are the lids. I take a lot of food to different places–like way more than any normal person should. You can ask my husband! Anyway, I have two problems when I take bowls of food to a dinner. One I’m always trying to keep plastic wrap on the bowl while carrying bags, holding kids hands, and basically looking like a circus balancing act. The other problem is at the end someone very kindly washes up all the dishes, and then I have no idea which plain glass bowl is mine. I’ve taken more than one home only to realize it doesn’t quite match the rest of my set. These Mickey Watermelon bowls solve both those problems. The lids snap on for easy transportation and the fun (and Disney) design will make them stand out as mine!

Mickey Popsicle Set

I don’t know about you, but we love frozen treats in the summer. The kids and I make popsicles together pretty often. How cute are these Mickey topped popsicle molds!?! It’s a set of four so every member of my family can try one and then we can fill them with more yumminess! Now just to find some Disney-inspired recipes to put in them!


Mickey Lemon Wedge Cooler

Of course, I’m going to need something to get all my food to my picnic in. Now I’ll admit I have some doubts about the practicality of a wedge-shaped cooler, but the Mickey Lemon wedge cooler is so cute that I’m not sure I care. It’s not huge so I’m sure it will be fine for a few drinks and some snacks. Basically all the necessities for an afternoon at the park.

Mickey and Minnie Round Towel

Ok! I may just be easily impressed, but I think this Mickey and Minnie round towel is brilliant. I’m not really a lounger. I basically sit cross-legged most of the time and I feel like a round towel is much more practical for that. If I still had small babies around, I would definitely be getting this for them to crawl around on, but even for my 2-yr-old, I think she’s going to have an easier time keeping it wrapped around her since it won’t be so long.

Matching Swim Cover-Ups

The Mickey Fruit swim cover-ups may be my favorite of this collection. For one I love the bright colors and summery pattern, but the best part is they come in both girl’s and women’s sizes. The Pixie Princess and I are going to match at the pool this summer! How cute is that? They are nice and lightweight so we won’t be too hot. These are definitely coming home with us soon!


3. Disney Eats Collection

Kitchen Utensils

One of my favorite ways to add a little Disney to my home is in the kitchen, and Disney has made my day with their Disney eats collection.  I especially love the kitchen utensils from this collection.  The spatulas and whisks are so subtle that it’s perfect for a Disney touch that doesn’t make your kitchen look like a kids bedroom. The measuring cups are adorable and I love that they collapse and hang up to help save space.

Cookie Cutters

Disney Eats has a set of Mickey cookie cutters, as well as Minnie cookie cutters so all kids can have their favorite character! Cookie Cutters have so many more uses than just cookies. You could make so many meals Disney with them! What about Minnie Sandwiches? Or Mickey Biscuits and Gravy? Or even a Mickey Hand egg! If you have a food your kids won’t eat, try making it Mickey-shaped and see how fast they gobble it up.

Mixing Bowls

These Mickey Parts Mickey Bowls come with 2 spoons for under $30. I don’t think that’s too bad for a four-piece set. They have some features I look for in my mixing bowls such as easy to pour spouts and grips on the bottom. The spoons are also silicone. I am disappointed that they aren’t microwave safe, and the smaller one says it can’t go in the dishwasher, but I think the other features make up for that.


I had to include these aprons for the whole family. The Mickey Parts apron one is for Mom or Dad and the Minnie apron and Mickey apron are for the kids. My kids would totally love the chef hats that come with the aprons. If you’re looking for something different and fun,  I could totally see doing a unique family photo shoot with these.

Last Thoughts

Overall, I think the Disney Store has really upped their game over the past year, and their latest collections have not disappointed me at all. They have me excited for summer and all things Disney. What I’ve shown you today is only a portion of each collection, not to mention all the new Her Universe, Disney Boutique, and Animator’s Collection items that are new! Head over to Shop Disney and pick out something to add some Disney to your summer! If you want to learn more about showing off your Disney Style at home check out this post or find some inspiration from my Disneybound outfits!

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