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Here’s a sample trip report from my latest Disney adventure. You can keep yours as long or as short as you would like. Every Disney experience is unique and we can’t wait to hear about yours. Fill out this form and I will include your trip report in one of my weekly newsletters.

What’s your name?

Kendra L. from Cincinnati, Ohio

Where did you go?

(Disney World, Disneyland, Disney Cruise, etc.)

Our latest adventure was on the Disney Cruise Line– a three-night cruise on the Disney Dream to the Bahamas. We added on a day at Animal Kingdom before the cruise.

Who did you go with?

Just me and the hubby on this trip

How long was your trip?

We were supposed to be gone five nights, but a flight got canceled so it ended up six nights.

Where did you stay at?

One night at the All-Star Music. One night at an Econo Lodge. Three nights on the Disney Dream, and one extra night at All-Star Sports

Was this a special occasion?

It was a joint birthday trip.

Give an overview of your trip:

(Describe which parks you went to, if you did any special events, where you ate)

We were able to get really cheap plane tickets if we flew in on a two days before the cruise instead of the day before. We decided to take advantage of the extra time and savings and check out Pandora in Animal Kingdom. Our plane arrived Wednesday evening and took the Magical Express. This was the first time we have used Magical Express and it was umm, interesting. They kinda misplaced our luggage and we didn’t get it till after we got back from Animal Kingdom the next day. Disney worked with us though and we were happy with how it turned out.

Animal Kingdom was amazing! We loved Pandora and the Satu’li Canteen is our new favorite quick-service restaurant. The rest of the day we just snacked our way through the day. Expedition Everest was as amazing as always. I have to say the streetmoshere of this park makes this park for me. We stopped to see some musicians and a group of acrobats performing.

The next day, Friday was our cruise. We headed to Port Canaveral on a shuttle and were just in time for arrival time. Embarkation day was so exciting. We were like little kids. We check out all the kids’ clubs during the open house, wandered the ship, got some lunch at Cabanas, even hit up the 18+ pool while we were the only ones in it. The Sail Away Party is fun. You can just feel the excitement.

That evening our first show was the Golden Mickeys and dinner at Animator’s Palate. I enjoyed Golden Mickeys, but I thought it was a bit forced in places. Dinner was good, but the highlight of the night was talking with Crush. I’ve never had so much interaction with a character before. We had an actual conversation and even joked with each other. We ate WAY too much and went to bed right after dinner.

Saturday was a port day at Nassau. We decided to stay on the ship. We had heard that the ship is less crowded on port days, but it didn’t seem any different. I think if you’re on a longer cruise people would be more likely to get off at the ports. Since this was only a three-night cruise, more people probably stayed on the ship. We opted to check out the Midship Detective Agency. This game is really fun and used more deduction skills than I was expecting. We played two out of the three games and then needed some lunch and pool time.

On this trip, we spent most of our time in the adult pools. We don’t mind kids at all, but since we had left the kids at home, we decided to take full advantage of it. I was curious how much they would enforce the 18+ rule, and I did see the cast member asks several teenagers and families to go to the family section. I’m not one to swim laps, but I felt like these pools were designed for lounging. The pools were one of the most relaxing parts of the trip.

Unfortunately, the live action Beauty and the Beast show was canceled this night due to technical difficulties. I was really sad. Beauty and the Beast was my favorite movie growing up and I thought the live-action version was one of the better remakes. What can you do? It did give us the opportunity to do some of the smaller activities like an animation class and a Jack Sparrow meet and greet. Disney always comes through. This was also Pirate night. We went to both parties, but the fireworks were during the second one. We had a great view from the upper deck even though it was very cold and windy.

Sunday was Castaway Cay which was definitely the best part of the trip. It was as close to Paradise as you can get. We went snorkeling as soon as we were allowed off the ship. We were the only ones out there for an hour! It was incredible! We enjoyed Serenity Bay, but we did try the slides out on the family beach. The food was great! Just wandering the island is so beautiful and relaxing.

Our last night, we dressed up a little. First, we saw Disney’s Believe show which we liked better than the Golden Mickeys. Between the show and dinner, tons of characters were out and we met several of them. We ate in the Royal Palace which I would say was the most formal of the restaurants. We tried escargot for the first time and loved it so much he brought us a second plate. Since this was our last night, we finally made it to the movie theater. We went to the last show of the night. Since it was so late, we went ahead and put our pajamas on which was fun.

The next day we were off the ship early. We did go to the assigned dining room, but I would skip that next time and just eat at Cabanas. Overall, the Disney Cruise Line matched every expectation we had and we had a lot of them. As much as I love the parks, the cruise line takes the relaxation to a whole new level.

What were some highlights of the trip?

Snorkeling at Castaway Cay, talking to Crush at Animator’s Palate, and surprisingly escargot (best thing we ate)

Would you have done anything differently?

Three nights was not long enough. I would want to do at least five next time.

Any advice to those planning a similar trip?

Buy your own snorkeling gear! We got sets on Amazon for the same price as a one-time rental, plus we’re the only ones to have ever used them.

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