Solo: A Star Wars Story Review

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Who else had an amazing Memorial Day weekend? It ended up being a four day weekend for us and we kicked it off by going to see Solo: A Star Wars Story. If you’re looking for the short version of this review, here it is. Solo is a fun movie! Sure it wasn’t earth shattering and didn’t add a ton to the universe, but I was into it the whole time.

What You Need To Know

This movie was a little different for me. Normally, when a Star Wars movie comes out, I’m reading all the books and comics, fallowing all the news, and speculating like crazy. I don’t know if there was less hype or if I was just super busy, but I went into this movie totally blind. I am going to go back and read all the extra material because I think it will fill in the movie nicely, but unlike Rogue One, I don’t think it’s going to be as necessary to fully understand the movie.


That being said this movie really does stand on its own. Comparing it to Rogue One again which isn’t complete without watching A New Hope, Solo: A Star Wars Story tells a complete story from beginning to end. I don’t think you have to watch any of the other movies to enjoy this one. It has quite a few references to the original trilogy, like how the Millennium Falcon got its attitude problem, but they are subtle and vital to understanding the plot. One of the final scenes could be a lead-in to a spinoff movie or at least a book, but it wasn’t a huge cliffhanger.

Feel of the Movie

One of my favorite things about is the lack of unanswered questions. Like I said earlier, I love the speculation that comes along with being a Star Wars fan, but sometimes I want to watch a movie and not leave questioning everything. Compared to the rest of the franchise, Solo: A Star Wars Story is more laid back. “Faster and more intense” has seemed to be the Star Wars model for a while now. Although it has plenty of action, it wasn’t constant. Solo also has a good amount of humor sprinkled throughout. Most of it wasn’t just comedy for the sake of comedy, but a well-timed comeback, a look, a pause, a well-executed one-liner can be just as funny when done right and they did it right.

They took a chance and stepped away from the Star Wars mold. For one R2-D2 and C-3Po aren’t in it, and the force isn’t even mentioned that I can remember. I was personally glad for this. I want to see a larger view of the Star Wars universe. If Force users are only a small percentage of the population, it makes sense that many stories could be told without the Jedi, Sith, or the Force being involved.


Let’s talk about some of the negatives of this movie. Probably the biggest criticism, I’ve heard has been about the acting especially of Alden Ehrenreich who portrays Han Solo. Honestly, I can understand their point, but it was never enough to take me out of the movie. I think he was trying too hard to be Harrison Ford instead of being Han Solo. For example, in one scene, he is in a predicament he has to charm his way out of. He smiles, and you can tell he’s trying to copy Harrison Ford’s smile instead of just smiling. It ended up awkward instead of charming.


Here’s how I’ve chosen to see it. The Han Solo of the original trilogy is confident, but in Solo, he is young and green. He’s trying to act confident even when he’s not. Kind of a “fake it till you make it” situation. I’m going to give  Alden Ehrenreich the benefit of the doubt and say he isn’t a bad actor. Rather his character is a bad actor. At least, that makes me feel better about it. The other characters were all great! Glover was meant to play Lando, and Emilia Clarke’s character was so intriguing that I’m hoping she shows up in future works.

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Solo: A Star Wars Story Verdict

In case you couldn’t tell, I really enjoyed this movie. It’s not my favorite movie or anything, but because it’s more light-hearted than some of the others, I can see it being on in the background at my house a lot. I think we will go see it once more in the theater probably with our son this time. I think he will love it! The plot is complicated enough he’ll probably miss some of the finer points. Get the family together and go enjoy Solo: A Star Wars Story. If you need something to wear check out my Han Solo Disneybound. May the Force be with you!



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