How You Can Save Hundreds at Disney with 1 Item

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What if you could save hundreds of Dollars at Disney World by bringing 1 item with you? Would you do it? Of course, you would! Great News! Such an item does exist! Disney is known for being expensive, and as a frugal mom of two, I’m always looking for places to trim our vacation budget.

The Problem

Drinks are one of the most marked-up purchases you will make in the parks. On one anniversary trip in June, Shaun and I were shocked at how much we were spending on drinks. What’s worse is we started drinking less to save money. Since it was close to 100 degrees, that probably wasn’t a good idea!

The Solution

That was when I realized bringing our own refillable bottles was a must! Before I show you how much you’re going to save, I want to cover some of the non-money benefits.


First, you’ll drink water over pop. How many of you have said this, “I’m on vacation! I can splurge!” This was my attitude for a long time until I realized that I felt more sluggish on vacation than I did at home…not fun! Now I am no longer tempted to choose pop over water so I can save those splurges for churros and Dole Whips!


Second, a reusable bottle will keep you hydrated. When you are running on excitement it is easy to forget to drink even when it’s hot. As you’re rushing from 1 ride to the next, it can be difficult to make yourself stop and stand in yet another line for water! If you have water with you at all times, you can sip as you go!


So you’ve just spent over $3 on that pop before you got in line. You think you’ll finish it before you get to the front, but the line moves faster than you think. You are now faced with two choices–chug it down or throw it away. Neither one sounds appealing to me. On the other hand, a water bottle fits neatly in your bag…spill free!


Cost Breakdown

Ok! Let’s get down to how this is going to save hundreds. A drink costs between $2.00 for milk and $4.29 for juice. Let’s go with a fountain drink that comes to $3.51 with tax. You’re probably going to drink a minimum of 4 drinks per day, and let’s say you’re staying for a week.  Let’s do that math:

$3.51 x 4 drinks x 7 days = $98.29/week

Now multiply that by a family of four:

$98.29 x 4 people = $393.12

Ouch! That’s half our resort bill for our next trip! If I can save hundreds by just making this one switch then I’m going to do it!

Why not just Free Ice Waters?

Now you may be saying, “I’ve heard that you can get free ice waters at Disney’s quick-service locations. Why would I carry a bottle around with me?” That’s true! You can get water cups and I think you should! But those cups aren’t very big & don’t usually come with lids.

So when you stop to get that ice water, ask for several cups and fill up your big water bottle. You’ll be good to go for hours. Plus there won’t be any spills!

Choosing Water Bottles

We’ve had some favorite water bottles to use for both kids and adults. I want to share them with you to help you narrow down the options.

For Toddlers

I’ve used these First Years Insulated Sippy Cups for years. They have a hard top and are really easy to clean. I had one kid who could make any sippy cup spill and these finally put an end to that! If you have a thrower try these sippy cup leashes to keep it attached to the stroller. (Same kid taught me that too)

For Kids

These O2COOL Mist ‘N Sip Water bottles are really cool! You can drink or mist your face with them. Perfect for little kids who need to cool down on a hot Florida day! Watch out! Your kids may mist more than themselves.

For Adults

We got this 18 Oz. Tritan Water Bottle one a while back as a present and we’ve used it both in the Disney parks and on the Disney Cruise Line. It’s kept drinks cool and is slender enough to easily fit in a bag.



If you don’t want to be carrying everyone’s water bottles all day try these Hydration Backpacks on for size. They can hold up to a couple of liters of water which you drink through a spout that hooks on the strap to make for easy hands-free hydrating. They come in both adult and kid sizes.

If you save your new cups for the trip, they can double as souvenirs.

The Key to Actually Save Hundreds

Before you go, I want to share my secret weapon for making water bottles work for my family. This goes back to choosing water over pop. My biggest reason for ordering pop is I’m tired of water and wanting a different flavor. So I take several different drink flavorings with us to solve this problem. The kids think they’re drinking juice. I really like the drops over the powders because it’s easy to adjust the flavor to the size of the bottle. It really does help keep everyone happy!

Don’t Worry About Your Budget

Disney can be expensive, but you can cut your costs significantly by the small choices you make. Things like choosing water over pop add up in big ways. That money can go towards tickets, hotels, flights, or even souvenirs! You’ve just saved your family hundreds of dollars!

To start saving money today, pick out a reusable water bottle for every member of your family! Let them help if that will get them on board!

What are some other ways you save your family big bucks with small items? Leave a comment and let me know!

Disney can be expensive, but little tricks like this one can save hundreds at Disney! Find out how! Disney Tips | Save money at Disney | Disney Vacation


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