How to Organize a Hotel Room Without the Work

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Do you ever feel like your suitcase explodes the moment you enter your hotel room? You’ve spent hours packing for Disney, and you have everything organized so nicely. And then, your family opens their suitcases and start to rummage! Ugh! How are ever going to organize a hotel room without having to spend all day picking up after your kids?!?

At the beginning of your vacation, taking a few minutes to organize a hotel room will keep everything neat and tidy for the rest of the week without you doing all the work! I know it’s not fun to start off organizing, but it will pay for itself in time and sanity for the rest of the week!

How to Organize the Clothes

Not going to lie….clothes are always the first thing to get out of control. From kids not being able to find a shirt to dirty clothes being left on the floor. If you want to organize a hotel room, you’re going to have to tame the Laundry Monster from the get-go! With my family, I’ve honed a system to make this happen with as little work on my end as possible.

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Dirty Laundry

I’m going to say the most common method of dealing with dirty laundry is to throw it all in a garbage bag and then try to stuff the garbage bag back in the suitcase. Expect it never fits back in the suitcase! So then I would have to spend an hour folding everyone’s dirty clothes that had been marinating together in a garbage bag for a week… It was not a happy end to my vacation! I needed a way for everyone’s laundry to end up folded back in their suitcase, preferably without me having to touch it.

The solution is to unpack everyone at the beginning of the vacation into drawers. When they take off clothes, instead of shoving it into a bag, I have them fold it and put it back in their suitcase. At the end of the week, the suitcase is packed and ready to go!

If you packed your kids clothes in ziplock bags, have them put it back in the ziplock bag and then you can easily put it in their suitcase. It also helps to make sure they have all their socks still at the end of the week.

Assign Zones

Give each person a drawer. Assign a drawer or area for toys and souvenirs. Put all the snacks on the table, and make an announcement that all shoes must be kept by the door. As much as you can, don’t put multiple things in one area. And never let kids share drawers! They will mess each other’s stuff up as fast as they can!

How to Organize the Bathroom

While you organize a hotel room, go into the bathroom and decide how you’re going to keep all the wet towels and clothes off the floor. Will everyone’s toiletries fit in the shower? This is your smallest space so you’re going to have to be the smartest with it.

Towels/ Wet Clothes

We’re going to take the assigning zones principle to the bathroom! Tell everyone where they are keeping their wet towel so you’re not all sharing one. If you need extra room for wet towels and bathing suits, Disney hotel rooms have a clothesline built into the shower wall that can be pulled across the tub for extra drying space. You can bring a few clothespins for it or just throw stuff over.


I always recommend travel-sized toiletries to save space in both your suitcase and your hotel room. If the bottles look too much alike, use waterproof labels to clearly mark what’s in them and who they belong too! A permanent marker works but can be harder to see. It also can’t be changed if you fill the bottle with something else on the next trip.

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General Organization Tips

I have a few more tips that can make your mornings a little easier! Remember the reason you organize a hotel room as soon as you arrive is so you can do less later. These tips are going to make that “less later” even easier.

Washing Dishes

Over in this post, I talk about how bringing a reusable water bottle to Disney can save your family hundreds…yes, hundreds of dollars! The thing is if you’re going to be using a reusable water bottle for a week, you’re going to need to wash it at some point.

To make this easy, pack a Ziploc bag with dish soap and a sponge in it! Washing bottles, sippy cups, and other dishes is as easy as opening the bag and giving it a quick wash. If you have bottles you can’t stick your hand in, you could pack a bottle brush in a gallon-sized bag.

Making the Bed

I know it’s vacation, but taking a moment to make the beds will make the whole room look so much better. This is especially important if you’re not having Mousekeeping come in to clean. Now I’m not talking hospital corners or anything. Just throw the blankets up and straighten the pillows. It will make a huge difference in how organized your room feels!

Pack Strollers/ Park Bags

If you plan on heading to the park first thing the next morning, get all the park bags and strollers you have ready to go. It’s going to save you from rushing around in the morning, forgetting stuff you need and leaving things out because you’re in a hurry. To make it go faster, use the Disney Park Bag checklist!

Window Clings

Ok! So this one doesn’t help with organization, but it’s fun! Take some Disney window clings to put in the window! Your kids will love to help decorate, and it will be easier to find your hotel room after a long day at the park!

For years I dug through my suitcase every morning, picked up wet towels off the floor, and tripped on kids' shoes. Then I decided I would be organized when I travel and my hotel room would become the relaxing space I wanted it to be! If you want to organize a hotel room without cleaning your whole vacation, get my checklist to make tidying up fast and easy!

The Key to Organize a Hotel Room

Here is the key to organizing a hotel room… clear expectations. Your family will not guess what you want them to do. Be clear at the beginning of the week that they are responsible to keep their assigned areas neat and to pack dirty clothes. If everyone works together, it will be easy!

There’s one more thing I want you to notice about this post. I didn’t give you a list of extra items you will need to keep your hotel room organized. You’ll see lots of posts that say to bring pop-up laundry baskets, toiletry caddies, and other things, but remember our goal is to make this easy. You can organize a hotel room with what’s already available!

Before you go, grab the Packing for Disney Printable to have all this information as a checklist!

Do you have an amazing hack to organize a hotel room? Share it with us in the comments!


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