Midship Detective Agency Review

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If you’re thinking of taking a cruise and you’re not the “sit by the pool all day” type, you may be wondering what else there is to do on a Disney cruise. Although we enjoy a nice swim, we love being on the move. Disney is renowned for their children’s clubs and activities, but on this particular cruise, we had left our children with the grandparents for a weekend getaway. We had heard of the Midship Detective Agency and decided to give it a chance

Overview of Midship Detective Agency

First of all, what is the Midship Detective Agency? It’s basically a mystery game where you have to find magical pictures around the ship that contain clues. It is currently available on the Dream and Fantasy. You have a folder with the basic information and all the suspects. The Dream had three different games you could choose from- Muppets, Mickey, and Dalmatians. They use the same pictures, but you have a card that tells it which mystery you’re solving.

Getting Started

This is a self-serve game. There are kiosks on the 2nd and 5th decks mid-ship. Just go up to one, choose your game, touch the screen, and follow the instructions. We did Muppets first and came back later to do Mickey. We also saw a 101 Dalmatians option too, but I don’t think you need a folder for that one. There weren’t any on the desk, and we saw a kid playing that one without one. Be sure to grab one of the little pencils provided! You’ll need it!


When you sign up for the game, it will tell you which picture to start with, but after that, you are free to go in any order you would like. This game is spread out! The pictures are on eight decks and forward, midship, and stern. On our first game, we made the mistake of doing all the pictures on one deck at a time. That was a mistake. It meant we walked the length of the ship several times.

We got much smarter the second time around. Choose one section of the ship to start with-say the forward. Go to the highest level that has pictures in that part and work you’re way down. Generally, the pictures are on every other floor near the stairwells. Here’s an example. Start at Deck 10 Forward. Do the 1-2 pictures there and then walk down to Deck 8. Do those pictures and head to Deck 6 and so on. Every once in awhile, the game will send you to a specific area with a non-picture prop, but for the most part, this strategy will save you a ton of walking.

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Review of Midship Detective Agency

I was surprised how many deductions are required in this game. If you’ve ever played Sorcerer’s of the Magic Kingdom or the Pirate Adventure at Disney World, I was expecting something more along those lines. I thought we would scan the card and watch a cute video and eventually we would catch the bad guy no matter what. You actually have to make a guess at the end of the game about who did it. This is why the folder and the pencil are so important. In the Muppets’ game, there were close to twenty suspects and you have to use the process of elimination to narrow it down.

I would say the Muppets game is better for older children on up through adults, and the Mickey game was easier and for younger kids. For a guideline, our son will be six on our next cruise and we will be doing the Mickey one with him and may try out the Dalmatians game. Overall, we enjoyed the Midship Detective Agency, and it gave us an excuse to wander the ship.


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