When the Magical Express Loses Your Luggage

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Ever wonder what happens when the Magical express loses your luggage? Lucky for you, I’m here to tell what that scenario might look like. We were headed down to Disney for a Disney cruise (more on that to come). Well, we had an extra day to kill because of the way flights worked out. What better way to spend a day than at Disney? We booked the magical express and one night at All-star Sports. Our only goal for this layover was to see Pandora!We had one-day tickets to Animal Kingdom, and since we decided to do this a week before, we had limited FastPass options. We knew we would have to be at Animal Kingdom well before rope drop if we were going to get on Flights of Passage before the park closed. Fine! Fine! The line isn’t quite that bad!

Ummm Where’s Our Stuff?

Anyway, our flight landed at 8:00 pm or so, and we were at our resort before 9:00. We grabbed a quick snack and headed to our room. I had known that luggage delivery could take a couple of hours so I had packed our shower stuff and PJs in our carry-ons. Well long story short… the hours passed…no sign of our luggage.We started calling the front desk about 11:15 and they assured us it would still be on its way. After a few more calls and more assurance, it would be there any minute, we gave up hope of ever seeing our suitcase again around 1:00 AM.

We woke up at 6:00 the next morning intent on our plan to get to Animal Kingdom. We look outside our door and still no bag. Shaun headed down to the front desk while I got as ready as I could with makeup but no clean clothes. He finally called after an hour and said we had to wait for the manager in bell services to get there at 8:00. We were frustrated at this point. Getting on flights of passage was seeming less and less likely. When we finally talked to the manager, they told us our suitcase had mistakenly been put in storage rather than delivered. We asked to have it and we’d be on our way. Sorry, they wouldn’t even open the storage unit for another hour.


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Ok Disney Swag…I can live with that.

This is when panic set in. I told him I wanted FastPasses for Flights of Passage since there was no hope of making it to Animal Kingdom before opening. Nope! Their system won’t let them give out FastPasses for Pandora’s attractions or other popular rides. They told us to go on and our suitcase would be there when we returned that evening. We tried to calmly explain that wouldn’t work. We were both still wearing our pajama tops over our jeans and yesterday’s undies and didn’t want to spend 10+ hours at a park like that. I feel like this is important to say. At no point, did we yell at anyone or demand anything. They knew we were upset, and I did ask for FastPasses because I felt that was reasonable, but the whole ordeal was civil which I think made a big difference in what happened next.

Once everyone involved understood what the problem really was, they called the resort manager. Now, this is no guarantee how they would handle a similar problem for someone else, but this is what they did for us. They took us to the gift shop and told to pick out anything we might need for the day. Did you know you can get grown-up socks, undies, and even deodorant at your resort gift shop? Ten minutes later we were equipped with new Disney T-shirt’s and two FastPasses each for any non-Pandora ride in Animal Kingdom.

In the end, it all worked out. We made it to Animal Kingdom as they were opening the gates. We joined the throng of people rushing towards Pandora and made it on Flights of Passage within 40 minutes of the park opening. So how do we feel about the whole ordeal? Disney delivered! Well not on our luggage, but on their service. Mixups happen. People put things in the wrong place. Even Disney isn’t perfect, but they made it right. We left our hotel that day feeling taken care of. We were able to have the day we had planned even if it didn’t go exactly as planned. Oh, and Flights of Passage was worth it!


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