Incredibles Special Event at Disney Store

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Don’t you just miss getting up early and going to Disney when you’re at home? We are not normally morning people, but when we’re at Disney we suddenly turn into one! Well, this Saturday brought out our Disneyside because we rope dropped the Disney Store for an Incredibles special event!

What Was It?

This party was for Disney Chase VISA cardholders and was at our mall at 9 am. They have these events from time to time, but this is the first one we’ve been to for the release of a movie. This was the second party we’ve been to at the Disney Store. The last one was A Halloween party and we got to go in our costumes. There was dancing and a costume parade. Since this one was an Incredibles special event it was a little different. First I really felt the lack of music. Incredibles has an amazing soundtrack but it’s not great to dance and sing along to. So instead we played some games!

What Did We Do?


Our group was a little big, probably close to 30 people, so some of the games were a little hard but we made it work. They divided us into teams but the kids were kinda all over the place so it ended up being more of a free for all than anything. We started out with some Incredibles trivia, ranging from basic facts to voice actors name. This was probably my favorite game, but I love trivia.


Next, we did a Jack-Jack hot potato game where the kids passed around a stuffed Jack-Jack while clips from the movie played. If you got caught with Jack jack when his laser eyes went off on the screen, you were out. The kids really enjoyed this one probably because it was the game they were the most familiar with.


After that, it got a little weird. They had a couple parents do a dance off? It was just awkward. Finally, they did a game I still do not understand the point of. The cast member picked 4 kids. She gave two of them a Jack-Jack puppet and a raccoon puppet and instructed them to box each other while the other two kids sorted shapes by color. The first child who finished sorting won which is all fine, except the two children who were boxing the puppets seemed as confused as I was. You can watch it on the video to see if you get it. Overall the games were fun and the kids seemed engaged the whole time.

Picture Opp at the Incredibles Special Event for Disney Chase Visa members!


After the games, they had a small photo opp. They had an Incredibles themed circle that you’re family posed with. They had a Polaroid camera available for pictures, and they gave us a little souvenir frame for our photo. The cast member also took our family’s picture with my phone. Try as we might, the Pixie Princess would not leave her superhero mask on. She’s always super and doesn’t care who knows it!


No Disney event would be complete without shopping, especially one at the Disney Store. With our Disney Chase VISA, we always get 10% off, but for this event, we had received a coupon for 20% off. Since it was also their Twice Upon A Year sale, we were able to combine the sales and coupons to get some really great deals! My favorite being a “Mondays are Evil” notebook to keep track of all my blogging stuff!

How To Get Invited?

Being Disney Chase VISA card members comes with a lot of perks like exclusive character meets, discounts, and special financing, but one of my favorite perks has to be these events. We live in Ohio so a trip to Disney doesn’t happen every day. Events like this feel like a little sliver of the magic I love so much!

If you would like to learn more about the Disney Chase VISA and all its benefits like Incredibles special event, go here, or head over to this post to see all the new collections at the Disney Store!

Want to Party at the Disney Store? We did at the Incredibles Special Event for Disney Chase Visa member!


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