I’ve made up a list of all the places I shop, programs I belong to, and tools I use to run this blog. The links below are mostly affiliate, but some aren’t. I included anything I found helpful whether or not I get a commission for it. If you find something that can help you or know of better resources I might want to try, let me know! Thanks for all your support!

Favorite Stores


I don’t buy a lot of Disney merchandise here, although I have found some good deals on Disney purses. What Amazon is great for is stocking up on all the gear I need for a Disney trip– strollers, snorkeling equipment, reusable water bottles, etc. They are also my go-to source for books and movies to keep up with my favorite franchises. Click here to Shop Amazon!


Of course, Disney’s official shop is on the list. If you want to save some money on your trip, keep an eye for sales on this site that you won’t see in the parks. I often pre-buy souvenirs for the kids from here and then surprise them with them at the parks. Saves us money and the headache of them wanting everything they see! Click here to go to ShopDisney!

Hot Topic

Hot Topic is my secret weapon when it comes to Disney clothes and accessories. They have amazing jewelry, bags, and clothes at great prices! Check out Hot Topic here!

Payments and Rewards

Disney Chase VISA

This both how we pay for our Disney adventures and how we earn rewards! With the Disney Chase Visa, you get discounts at the Disney Store and Parks, special financing, and invites to special events all while earning free Disney gift cards! Click here to find out more!

Disney Movie Rewards

If you’re going to be buying Disney movies and seeing them in the theater, you should sign up for Disney Movie Rewards. It’s a free program where you can earn rewards to spend on movies, gift cards, and other fun stuff just for watching Disney movies! Click here to sign up!