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If you’re like me, you like to show off your Disney style all the time not just in the parks. Unfortunately, Mickey ears are not deemed appropriate in everyday situations. I struggled for years to find my style– a fashionista I am not. I’m a geek. There! I said it. I love Disney, Star Wars, Marvel! And I don’t care who knows it! Ok, personal confession over. In all seriousness, when I started to discover all the amazing Disney style products that are out there, I knew I had finally found my style. I could be a geek but in a grown-up way. So if your inner nerd has been begging to get out, check out all the ways I let my Disney flag fly!


Why Disney Style at Home


Why not just wear regular clothes? Why try to add some Disney to your existing style? When you show off your Disney side, you are doing a couple of things. First, you’re bringing your vacation memories home. Whenever I use my Snow White purse I remember my 5 yr old going down the hill of Seven Dwarfs Mine Train and yelling” This is the best ride EVER!” while the whole train laughed.  Wearing my Lilo dress reminds me of breakfast at Ohana. I wasn’t wearing those things when I was there, but the memory comes anyway. I don’t often get out our autograph books, but clothing and accessories are something that serves everyday purposes.



I think most people want to be unique in some way. Disney is my thing. All my friends know it; most of my acquaintances know it; the people at the Disney Store definitely know it. In fact, when my friends see anything Disney related they text me about it. I don’t do that with any of them though. Why? Because Disney isn’t their thing. It’s unique to me.  It’s a way I can stand out, and that is pretty awesome.


Meeting People

I use to think I was weird for being over 10 and loving Disney so much, but when I started wearing my fandom on my sleeve (literally), I got comments from everywhere. Suddenly, I noticed other people with Disney purses and they noticed me. We’d compliment each other, strike up a conversation about our latest trip, and I got to meet a cool person I would never have said hi to otherwise. Disney brings people together and you will be amazed how many Disney fans you meet in your city.


Where to Wear Disney Style

We often associate Disney clothes as a t-shirt with a character on it. It’s fun to wear to the parks or a ball game, but maybe not work. I work for a church; I’m expected to dress up often. On top of that I mostly work with teens so wearing a Disney t-shirt might come across as I’m trying to be one of them, not their youth leader, but as I mentioned above there are benefits to wearing Disney clothing. So we find the compromise. I wear a nice dress and throw on a Disney scarf, and I look professional without compromising any of my personality. Disney really can be appropriate for any occasion, but you have to know all your options. Often having one accessory is enough.  Let’s look at all the ways you can add Disney to your existing wardrobe.


Ways to Show Your Disney Style


I love, love, love (did I say love) Disney purses. I have tons of them and that is probably my favorite way to add Disney to an outfit. Some have a pattern including a character or some actually look like the character. They can also be a great way to finish off a Disneybound.  Now if you’re thinking that you have seen the price tags on the Dooney & Bourkes in the parks and think I can’t afford those, don’t worry! I have one Dooney & Bourke, and it was a gift. I find Disney bags everywhere– The Disney Store, Hot Topic, Boxed Lunch, even Amazon. Most of mine were in the $20-$30 range. Plus, unlike the parks, these places have sales to score some great deals.
Her Universe Disney Peter Pan Mermaid Lagoon Straw Tote Bag

Her Universe Disney Peter Pan Mermaid Lagoon Straw Tote Bag


If you want to start off with something super subtle then jewelry is the way to go. Sometimes you can find necklaces that are replicas of those worn by your favorite character or just something inspired by them like Belle’s enchanted rose. I even have one that says Hakuna Matata. It’s a fun reminder on a tough day to have no worries. Did I mention Hot Topic puts their clearance jewelry on for “buy 1 get 2 free” sometimes? I’ve bought three Disney necklaces for $7 before! With something as small as a necklace or earrings, you can have your touch of Disney, but be appropriate for any occasion.

Disney The Lion King Hakuna Matata Layered Necklace

Disney The Lion King Hakuna Matata Layered Necklace


A few popular brands have come out with some Disney shoes over the last few years and I’ve been hooked. When Vans launched their Disney line, I thought we were going to be broke. Disney shoes aren’t just sneakers. You can find Crocs, sandals, Toms, and even dress shoes, like these Haunted Mansion ones I picked up at the park. I find with shoes it’s best to stick brands I already love– nothing worse than getting a fabulous new pair of shoes you can’t walk in– but I have taken a chance on a few pairs that were just extra special.


Other Accessories

Along the same lines as jewelry, hair bows and headbands can add just a touch of Disney without going overboard, but maybe leave the Mickey ears for the parks. Bows may not be for everyone, but there are so many accessory options out there. Maybe a scarf would be more your thing or a hat. With Disney accessories, you can customize your Disney style to be as loud and proud or as soft and subtle as you want it to be.
Loungefly Disney The Little Mermaid Kiss The Girl Cosplay Hair Bow

Loungefly Disney The Little Mermaid Kiss The Girl Cosplay Hair Bow



Maybe you need an easy and free way to start out showing your Disney style. One way is to do your hair like a Disney character. Rey’s triple buns are great for working out and an Elsa braid finishes off a summer dress. And who doesn’t want Moana’s hair? From long and flowy to braids and buns, Pinterest is full of tutorials and ideas on how to transform your hair.



Disneybounding is wearing a Character’s outfit but in everyday modern clothes. So if I was Disneybounding as Mickey, I would wear red pants, a white belt, a black shirt, and yellow shoes. I like to add something specific to that character in my jewelry or purse. For Mickey, I would add a Mickey Ears necklace. The best part of Disneybounding is you can use clothes you already have. Especially in the parks, you will get guesses on who you’re bounding as that day. See some of the Disneybounds I’ve put together. Don't leave your love of Disney in the parks. Learn how to show off your Disney style every day in ways appropriate for any situation.


Disney Inspired

If Disneybounding is too much for you, you might like a Disney-inspired look more. I think of this more as what the characters would wear if they were in my world. I take their color palette and just mix it up. Instead of Minnie’s iconic red dress with white polka dots, I would wear a red shirt with a white beaded necklace and maybe a yellow bow in my hair. I like to do this when I’m carrying a bag with a Disney Character on it for a little extra Disney without looking like I’m in a costume. Most people won’t get your look, but you’ll feel a little extra magical that day.


If you’re not sure about showing off your Disney style start small and work your way up. When I’m in a professional situation, I often just add as a piece of Disney jewelry, but when I’m headed to the mall with my family, I’m more likely to I think it’s perfectly acceptable to mix characters. Mickey and Stitch can get along– maybe just keep it in the same color palate. Mix, match, and have fun. Some days I just need a hint of Disney. Others I need to feel like a modern-day princess, but I think every day becomes a little more magical when I add some Disney into it.