Welcome to Chaos & Castles! I’m Kendra and I keep things running around here. If you want to get to know the real me, I’m loud, slightly crazy, and yea, I really love Disney!

The reason I started Chaos & Castles is I wanted to help families add a little magic to their lives.

As a parent I was always looking for ways to connect with my kids. As an adult, I wanted an escape from stress and the every day. As a person, I wanted to be a part of a community.

When we first started watching Disneyland vlogs as a family, I had no idea Disney would make all those things happen in one place, but here we are!

For us Disney is a family hobby. I like to say, “Life is a road trip. Our faith is the car that keeps our family all going in the same direction, and Disney is the road games we play along the way that make the journey fun.” And let me tell you, it makes life really fun!

Back to why were all here. Maybe your family feels a little disconnected or you just need a break from something. Let me help you add some magic whether it’s as simple as a fun recipe or as complicated as planning your first Disney vacation. 

If you’re new to Disney, check out my Disney Vacation Planning series to help you get started! If the Disney love runs through your veins already, you may enjoy reading how to add some Disney style to your wardrobe. 

Make Some Magic

Disney is more than just movies. It’s a place for families to come together, for the impossible to happen, and for adventures to begin!

We think all families need a place to get away, have fun, and connect, but that doesn’t mean you have to travel far to make it happen. Here at Chaos & Castles we show you how to go from mundane to magical with a Disney twist. Whether you are new to the Disney community or a lifelong fan, you will find simple and fun ways to add Disney to your life.

What’s New

Vacation Planning

Overwhelmed by planning a Disney vacation? Take all the guess work out with a step-by-step guide that will make your next Disney trip one to remember!

Disney at Home

Need some Disney magic between trips? Find fun recipes, easy-to-follow DIYs, and other Disney adventures that can be found in your hometown!

Disney Videos

If you prefer to watch instead read, check out the Chaos & Castles Youtube channel for all our latest Disney tips, recipes, DIYs,
and reviews.